March 8, 2016

Wild West Exodus Kickstarter Unboxing

First off... 5 MONTHS!! I know, I know. Life has reared its ugly head and I haven't done much hobbying. My last post was September 9th. This is March 8th. Okay, so one day short of 5 months. I'll take it.

So I received my Kickstarter rewards for the Wild West Exodus Kickstarter. I pledged and got the Golden Army and Confederate Rebel armies. I figured I'd put up some pictures of the various minis that I received. So not a lot of commentary, just pretty pictures. if you want to learn more about the game, you can chekc it out at the Outlaw Miniatures website.

Rulebook and a Novel
Golden Army Dirt Farmers (ranged and close combat)
Heraclio Bernal

A close up for detail
Pancho Villa
Heavy Weapon Conquistador
Ponce de Leon
Felipe Espinoza
Jean Newport

Golden Army Buggy
So that's all the Golden Army stuff. Next up: Confederate Rebels.

Confederate Scouts
Captain Williams
Heavy Weapon Scout
Corporal Franklyn
Ben Hamilton
Stonewall Jackson
Buford Nash
Finally there's a few Mercenaries and a Dark Council member.

H-Bot 44
Jim Peterson

Female Dark Council
I also got a pack of templates and markers. I've been a bit burnt out on 40K stuff lately so this will be a nice break from that once I can find the time to work on them.

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