August 6, 2015

Budget Light Box Setup

By budget I don't mean free or nearly so. Rather, as I was looking into getting a light box set up, most self contained units or all in one deals ran about $100. Finally I looked into separate parts and I managed to get a light box set up for only $40.

The picture above is the brand name of the light box. It's a material and set up like a pop up tent. The kind that are all folded and twisted up and you toss it out and it springs into shape. I found this out as I pulled it out and started to unfold it and it comically sprang open and hit me in the face.

As you can see it comes with 4 backdrops: White, Black, Red and Navy. It also comes with a piece that velcros onto the front and has a slit so you can fully enclose the light box and place a camera lens through the slit. Theoretically you could fold it back up and put it in the carrying case. Unfortunately I didn't pay close enough attention to how it was folded up and couldn't figure out how to reverse the process. That's okay, I have it in a place downstairs where it's permanently set up.

This is a two pack of LED lights. They're nice and bright. The power cords on them are kind of short, so an extension cord would be useful.

Both these items were $20 each on I'll provide links below if anyone is interested in buying them.

This shows the scale of the unit. It's 24" high. That's a Knight Castigator in it. Many of the package deal units were much smaller, usually around 10"-12".

Here's a test shot of my WiP Castigator. Keep in mind this is just shot with the camera on my iPhone. Speaking of which...

I got this too. Also $20. It includes an octopus tripod and clip on wide angle and macro lenses. I tested out the macro lens on the Castigator.

It let's you get in really close. Again, all with my iPhone.

So the whole set up cost me $60. (free shipping with Amazon Prime) $40 just for the light box set up. So if you're looking for a cheap set up without having to build it yourself out of a cardboard box, I recommend this.


  1. Gorgeous light box Evan!. Compares favorably to the foldio2, but yours has a bit more flexibility in terms of lighting arrangement!

    1. I looked into the Foldio, but the 2 wasn't up for sale and the one had some negative reviews. Plus, it was about $100. This set up would be perfectly portable if need be as the light box and the lights fold up. But it's way cheaper.

    2. Woah! It's 100 bucks??? Oh wow didn't take into account the KS discount!

    3. I think the Foldio2 was $90 and other set ups I saw on Amazon were about $100. The original Foldio was 80 or 90 on Amazon IIRC.