July 7, 2015

WiP: Castigator, Rhino, Whirlwind and Stripping

So just a little update on stuff I'm working on. And if your mind is in the gutter when I said stripping, STAHP! You really wouldn't want me to do that. Srsly.

First up:

A bunch of Space Marines jumped in the pool. I bought a bunch of Marines off a guy leaving the game a while ago and hadn't gotten around to stripping them. Time to get that Mary Sue color off them and turn them into Minotaurs! I filled a disposable food storage container with Super Clean degreaser and let them soak for 24 hours. They came out nice and clean. You can see the chassis of an old school Whirlwind in there too. It wasn't able to get all the primer off the plastic bits, but I scrubbed off as much as I could, cleaned out the old epoxy the previous owner used to assemble the metal parts (which was everywhere... they used a ton of it and it squeezed out of the joints... it was a mess), and reassembled it.

Here it is reassembled and ready for priming.

Next, I have finally gotten some more work on my Castigator. Got all the pads painted and the decals applied. Then gave it another gloss coat to give them that nice painted on look. That's why they're so shiny. It will get matte coated once the whole model is complete. I used the Tamiya masking tape you see above the pads (the beige colored dispenser that looks like an elephant) to make those straight lines on the leg pads and the shoulder crest. It's a great product and comes in several different widths. Like any masking tape though, it will bleed, so make sure you paint over the edge with the base color first to seal it off, then paint your next color.

Finally, a Rhino. I've had it base coated for a while, but needed to work on all the rest of it. I only have a few things left to do before I call it done. Fortunately they're pretty quick and easy things to do. Then it just needs a final gloss coat then a matte coat to seal it all up.


  1. I commend your ability to strip models and reassemble them. I usually just sell my painting/buildling failures off, and buy new...because I'm horrible at stripping!

    1. It's really not all that difficult with the right equipment. I use Dawn Power Dissolver (discontinued but you can still find bottles of the professional stuff) or Super Clean Degreaser in the purple bottle that you find in the automotive aisle. Throw them in for a 24 hour soak and a lot of the paint rinses off and what doesn't comes off with the application of a toothbrush.