May 16, 2015

The Exalted Court of House Terryn

So it looks like some people have laid out the money to buy the big bundle with the exclusive formation from GW. And they were nice enough to scan the Formation in.

The image above can be saved to your computer. You can zoom in and still read the text. For those who just want to know the specifics, here they are: 5 Knights, and the types of Knights in each position are specific. You can give them whatever carapace weapons you want though.

Special Rules:

  • The Lords of Terryn: All models are characters and have WS/BS 5 and can take heirlooms. 
  • The High King: WS/BS 6, +1 to Ion saves, and re-rolls failed to hit rolls in a challenge. If he's your warlord, he gets the Seneschal trait (+1 A)
  • The herald: Thsi model and all models from the formation within 12" of him can reroll Ion saves of 1 and can Overwatch.
  • The Kingsward: If he's within 6" of the King he basically grants a 2+ LOS roll to take a glance or Pen that the King suffers.
  • Master of Judgement: Rerolls failed charge rolls and failed to hit rolls int he first round of  close combat.
  • The Gatekeeper: Has Counterattack and all his ranged weapons have Interceptor.
So there you go. That is the $800 formation. It's actually a really nice formation. Worth $800? Not so much, in my opinion.

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