May 6, 2015

Knight Codex Leaked!

Someone got their hands on the new Knight codex early and gave us snapshots of the pages. Wanna see the new Knight goodies? Check it out!

There have been some official leaked images to whet our appetite for Knights recently, but these pics show us the meat, not just the wrapping.

It might be hard to read, but these are the Heirlooms:

  • Banner of Macharius the Triumphant - All friendly models that are part of the Armies of the Imperium faction within 12" get to re-roll failed Morale, Pinning and Fear checks.
  • Helm of the Nameless Warrior - gain Rampage
  • Mark of the Omnissaiah - Gain IWND
  • The Paragon Gauntlet - has Master Crafted
  • Ravager - Chain sword that re-rolls 1s to Hit.
  • Sanctuary - Ion Shield that gives a 6++ to the other facings.
Personally, I see Sanctuary as the best one of the bunch, although IWND isn't bad either. I'll bring up Sanctuary again later. Now it should be mentioned that only Character Knights get to take Heirlooms, just like any other army is restricted to characters only.

Warlord Traits. Some remain from the old codex, and some are new, especially since the Knightly Ranks are gone from the new Codex.

  • Landstrider - Add 1 to run and charge rolls within 12" of Warlord.
  • Favored of the Omnissaiah - One weapon gains Master Crafted (but not an Heirloom)
  • Exemplar of the Joust - Re-roll failed to hit when you charge into combat.
  • Cunning Commander - Warlord and D3 Knights gain Outflank.
  • Ion Bulwark - Re-roll 1s on Invul save.
  • Knight Seneschal - +1 Attack.
 Formation: Exalted Court. Unfortunately the pic cuts off how many Knights you need, but I bet it's minimum 5. So all Knights in this formation are Characters and can take Heirlooms. One is your warlord and gains +2 WS and +2 BS, as well as +1 to his Ion Shield saves. Now here's where Sanctuary becomes interesting. Since Sanctuary is an Ion Shield and provides 6++ on all other facings, as far as I can tell, that would mean your Warlord would be 3++ and 5++ on all other facings. That's money. In addition, all other Knights in this formation gain +1 BS/WS and you get to re-roll on the Warlord Traits. table.

Formation: Baronial Court. 3-5 Knights, gives you a +1 to the Ion Shield save on the Front arc only if they're within 6" of another Knight. Additionally, you can re-roll on the Warlord Traits if it's your primary and all models gain Counterattack and can Overwatch. One model is a Character and can take Heirlooms.

Formation: Tripartite Lance. 1 of each new Knight. As long as they're alive, each Knight gives a benefit to the entire formation. Warden reduce enemy cover saves by 1, Gallant confers D3 Hammer of Wrath, and Crusader gives everyone Twin Linked.

Formation: Gallant Lance. 3 Gallants. They get to re-roll failed charge rolls and gain Crusader and Rage. This formation has the potential to hit like an out of control train.

Formation: Skyreaper Lance. 3 Knights all with the Icarus cannons on top. They get to re-roll failed Armor Pen and to Wound rolls against flyers. They can also re-roll Glance results if they choose. This formation is very specialized and would only be useful if you know you're going to be facing a lot of flyers or skimmers. Otherwise, it's usefulness is limited as a general formation.

Your detachments. One allows you to take 1-3, the other is minimum 3 but you get ObSec! So in a nut shell, the Household Detachment is for making Knights your primary army on the table while Oathsworn is to add them in to another army.

And finally, below, are the data sheets for the Knights. The original 2 Knights didn't get any points changes, but they can now take the carapace weapons and the Gauntlet that the new ones can take. Also remember that the new kit basically has an extra sprue, and careful examination of the picture of the sprue on the GW website reveals that you can build both a missile pod AND the Icarus cannon. They don't share parts. So you can swap them between your Knights as needed. I won't type out what's on the data sheets, they're easy enough to read. So enjoy!


  1. Great stuff! I didn't see any mention of Freeblades anywhere, though. I assume they can't take Heirlooms, but can you still ally just one with other Imperial-faction armies? This was stated somewhere in the previous codex and it would be a big deal if it's not there now.

    1. Yes, you can ally one. The two detachments has one that is 1-3 Knights (the Oathsworn Detachment). As for freeblades and such, I would assume they are in the fluff. As for whether we will see actual data sheets for them... who knows. Unfortunately whoever snapped the pics didn't take pics of everything (the Errant is conspicuously absent from the pics).

  2. Looks good, really good for any Knight player, the formations are awesome and im exited to look the fluff and ilustrations, but i have the intrigue if Gerantius and the Obsidian Knight are included like characters.

    1. When Gerantius was put in White Dwarf, it said it was a White Dwarf exclusive data sheet. So maybe not. However, we all know how GW treats exclusives and limited runs. :)