April 7, 2015

Unboxing: Camp Grizzly

I just received my Kickstarter for the board game Camp Grizzly by Ameritrash Games. Come look at the unboxing!

Ok, I know, it's a board game, so what's the deal? Well, I'm branching out. Not that I'd do this for every board game I come across, but some I feel should have special attention or have a miniatures component to it I will feature. So here's a video unboxing I did. My first one ever! I don't think it turned out too bad, but I'm probably a bit long winded for an unboxing. It's my first one! Give me a break!

Camp Grizzly is a board game that recreates the feel of a 70's slasher movie. For those who don't want to sit through the video, here's some pictures.

First off, it rained really bad the day it was delivered. This is the box it was in! I about had a heart attack seeing the condition of the box and how water logged it was. Fortunately, they wrapped it up well in bubble wrap so it didn't get damaged. Big sigh of relief.

 New box art! The image I posted at the top was the original box art. They got a new artist to make a new cover which is gorgeous!

The necessary rulebook. It's not very large. Maybe 7 or 8 pages long. Really simple rules. Succinct. Love it. Makes it easy to pick up.

Counters. The back.
 And the front. I love the fact it has a small number of counters. Not to hate on counters, but so many games nowadays come with 150+ tokens. It can get tiring keeping track of all of them.

The game board. There have been changes from the early versions. Mostly tightening up artwork and such. Nice and sturdy.
 The cabin cards. You have to draw one every turn. Some of them are useful items and weapons. Some of them are bad situations. Some of them bring Otis, the mad murderer rampaging through the camp, to your location to kill you. Always be worried when you draw one.

 Survival cards are hard to get and easy to lose. They usually add something positive to your character in the form of one use abilities or even permanent abilities.

 The counselor cards. Each counselor has their own special abilities.

Plastic stands for the cardboard stand-ups , dice and plastic rings to keep track of health and such.

Ha! See? There is a miniature related item in this! :) As part of the Kickstarter they offered sets of Miniatures. This is set #1 which features the counselors from the base set and Otis.

Otis is the guy in the bear mask.

Can't wait to grab some friends and play this.

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