March 23, 2015

The Necrons are Coming!

I know I have been radio silent for a while. Life intrudes. However, I finally had some time to hobby and I started on my loved, but put on the back burner, Necrons. With the dawn of the new book I got inspired to work on them. I haven't played them since 4th edition, back when they only had a handful of different units.

They were my first 40K army. I didn't get excited about any of the other armies. I liked the Blood Angel fluff and even bought some Marines to stat with, but the models left me bored. Then the box set of Necrons came out and I saw an army of Terminators and I knew I just had to play them!

Back then it was tough to buy Warhammer stuff. I managed to scrape together to $200 or $250 the box set cost. I eventually added a Nightbringer model to the mix. Back then the suggested 40k game size was 1500 points. The only way I could get close to that was everything in the box and Nightbringer. Back then Nightbringer ran roughshod over everything. However, time away from the game saw them packed away. When I got back into it I tried other things, most notably finding the Minotaurs chapter of Space Marines which got me interested in Marines.

I always meant to get back to my Necrons when I started playing again in 6th edition. Even picked up an Annihilation Barge after getting the 5th edition codex. Picked up some Destroyers when the 3 pack first came out along with some Heavy Destroyer and Destroyer Lord conversion packs. I just never quite got back into them. Then the new book dropped. I loved the unique force org it had. Not even for the special rules, which of course a lot of people are griping about (those that face Necrons. Necron players are happy). I liked the fluff of them having their own set up. I could see GW giving other armies a similar treatment. Current rumors say Tau and Space Marines may be getting renewed codices before long, so there may be something to that.

So anyway, I dug out my old minis and got to work on doing something with them.

So this guy was a test model. I always liked the idea of darker metallic colors for my Necrons. I used something new on them. I used Rustoleum Ultimate Paint and Primer in the Carbon Mist color.
 Basically a black metallic. I think it looks awesome and makes them look more ominous. The only issue I can foresee from using it is that if I screw up the other paint I can't touch this up. So I have to make sure I have a steady hand.

Previously I had used Tamiya Gun Metal to base coat my Necrons. Here's a comparison shot of the two side by side. The Gun Metal still looks good, but I do like the Carbon Mist better. My plan though is to continue using the Tamiya for vehicles since they have a lot more fiddly painting than the troops. Guns will be in gun metal too so I can do touch up, especially since Immortals now don't use the green plastic rods like they did before. No way I want to try painting a glow in the tiny channels of the barrels while being unable to touch up the base paint.

The other paints go on the Rustoleum just as well as any other primer I have used. It's also a plus that it's one coat rather than prime then base coat with the Tamiya.

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