March 25, 2015

Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2

Raging Heroes has started their newest Kickstarter for their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy 2. This time featuring Dark Elves and Sisters usable in both Fantasy and Sci-Fi. It started at 11 am Eastern Time today and blew through it's funding goal and all published stretch goals in the first 5 minutes and is currently at over 900% funded. It's going until April 8, so check it out.

March 24, 2015

March 23, 2015

32mm Base Adapter Kickstarter

As you can see on my current backed Kickstarter list, my obsession with Kickstarting continues. However, I foudn this one that I think will be useful for many 40k players out there.

The Necrons are Coming!

I know I have been radio silent for a while. Life intrudes. However, I finally had some time to hobby and I started on my loved, but put on the back burner, Necrons. With the dawn of the new book I got inspired to work on them. I haven't played them since 4th edition, back when they only had a handful of different units.