January 2, 2015

Unboxing: Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Iron Empire set and One-Shot Blondie

I had preordered a couple items from Raging Heroes when they put the first round of their Toughest Girls minis up for general sale. I got them, and now I am doing an unboxing of them.

The first up is the Iron Empire set as seen in the pic above. The set consists of (left to right) Mortaria (sniper) Hilda (commander), Jinx (mascot), and Vera (standard bearer).

Slip the box out of the slip cover and open it, everything is packed in bubble wrap. Even the One-Shot Blondie blister I got had bubble wrap in it. A brilliant move as my 2 year old son was rolling around and managed to roll over my package. No damage to the minis. Kudos to RH for doing this. Not they were likely expecting a 2 year old to run over them, but it did its job.

Everything comes individually bagged.

Hilda Front
This is Hilda. Sorry, I neglected to take a back shot on the mini. The main mini also has her head (top left) and hand with pistol (top right). Included are her chainsword and an alternate head.

Mortaria Front
Mortaria Back

Next baggie had Mortaria and Jinx. Mortaria also comes with an alternate head.

Vera Front

Vera Back
Finally, we have Vera. Her alternate head was loose in the baggie.

Here's a shot of the back of the package, mostly to show how the models look with their alternate heads.

Blondie Front

Blondie Back
And last, but not least, One-Shot Blondie of the Jailbirds faction. She's listed as a sniper, of all things. Seems odd since she's carrying a heavy machine gun. Speaking of Snipers, Mortaria is just begging to be used as a Vinidicare and I will likely proxy her as one.

I encourage you to click the pictures to increase their size and really look at the minis. They are beautiful and have a lot of detail. Upon cursory inspection, I saw little to no mold lines. These are very well made and very well produced. Raging Heroes really put a lot of thought and care into these models.

I should point out also that as I preordered these before they went on sale on Dec. 10, I didn't receive them until the end of the month. Apparently RH was late getting my order out. I just figured it took longer since it was coming from France. There was a handwritten note on my packing slip apologizing for the delay in getting my order out and they put a set of the coasters in my bag as well. It was a nice touch. This is my first purchase from RH, and I am happy to say I will be more than glad to purchase from them again. I can't wait to work on these models.

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  1. I love the iron empire aesthetic. They are really knocking these out of the park! I can't wait for their sisters of eternal mercy kickstarter!