January 26, 2015

Deredeo Dreadnaught from Forge World

We've seen the pictures for a little while now, but now the Deredeo Dreadnaught is up for pre-order. You have to buy it in three parts. The main body for £35, the cannon arms for £18 and the Missile Launcher for £12. So £55 in total (about $82.50 US). Experimental rules are posted as well as a free download. So what do you get for 83 bucks? 13/12/11 armor, BS5, S6, 1 A, 3 HP, Atomantic Shielding, and a Helical Targeting Array. All coming in at 185 points. That's the relevant stats.

This thing is meant for ranged fighting only. Only 1 attack on the profile at S6, and no dedicated close combat weaponry means you want to keep this thing away from the enemy. The main body has Heavy Bolters that can be swapped for Heavy Flamers, but why would you? If you're close enough to use the flame template, you're in charge range, and with 3 HP it won't last long.

The Anvilus Autocannon Battery is 48", S 8, AP 4, Heavy 4, Sunder. Sunder lets you re-roll armor penetration. So AV 12 armor is well within it's wheelhouse. With the Helical Targeting Array (If it doesn't move, you can have Skyfire + Interceptor for the turn) this can be the bane of flyers.

The Aiolos Missile launcher is a 35 point upgrade that gives you 60" range, S6, AP 3, Heavy 3, and Pinning. It also has Independent Tracking which allows it to fire at a different target.

Upgrades are the aforementioned missile launcher , Armored Ceremite (Melta doesn't get the extra die) for +20, and TL Heavy Flamers instead of the Bolters for free.

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