January 26, 2015

Deredeo Dreadnaught from Forge World

We've seen the pictures for a little while now, but now the Deredeo Dreadnaught is up for pre-order. You have to buy it in three parts. The main body for £35, the cannon arms for £18 and the Missile Launcher for £12. So £55 in total (about $82.50 US). Experimental rules are posted as well as a free download. So what do you get for 83 bucks? 13/12/11 armor, BS5, S6, 1 A, 3 HP, Atomantic Shielding, and a Helical Targeting Array. All coming in at 185 points. That's the relevant stats.

January 2, 2015

Castigator Assembly Document

I have had a few people contact me saying they got the Castigator but they did not receive any assembly instructions with it. So I have scanned my assembly instructions and uploaded it to my Dropbox. If you have trouble with the link, let me know.

Unboxing: Toughest Girls in the Galaxy Iron Empire set and One-Shot Blondie

I had preordered a couple items from Raging Heroes when they put the first round of their Toughest Girls minis up for general sale. I got them, and now I am doing an unboxing of them.