December 23, 2014

Unboxing: Resin Terrain from Worldsmith Ind.

I received my Kickstarter rewards for the campaign by Worldsmith Industries for their Resin Gaming Terrain. Check it out.

I pledged the top amount for the Kickstarter which got me one of everything. Here's what I got.

These are pieces meant to be filled with water effects. Two pools and two more swampy type pools.

 My hand for size reference. They're sizable.

 These are meant to take inserts for various effects.

Again, my hand for size comparison.

These are some of the inserts. The ones with the hole in the middle are made to take Woodland Scenics trees. Just pop the trunk into the hole. You can see one of the minefield inserts at the top, and the blanks are for rough terrain.

These are large rocky outcropping inserts.

I know the light makes it hard to see what these are, but the bag at the top has crystal inserts. Below that on the left is grave markers, small ruined wall pieces to the right. Long wall pieces below that, and reinforced wall sections at the bottom.

Stacks of various crates.

And lastly, objective markers.

A pretty good haul for what I paid. It's definitely a step in the right direction towards finally having stuff to be able to game at home. My only gripe is that the pools and field pieces are rather thing and feel like if you weren't careful and dropped one it would break. Only time will tell how well they hold up. Especially since the suckers are rather slippery. The products will be up for sale on the Worldsmith website at some point in the near future. The ruined wall sections will be good for doing bases of more Imperial Knights! :)

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  1. I like how it's setup for the inserts. If the bottoms are slippery, could always fix that by scratching them up a bit (like you do on fancy shoes).