November 6, 2014

Assembly: Cerastus Knight Castigator, Part 4

Final assembly diary entry! Woot! Had to get this done for an Escalation Tournament game on Wednesday. The pic above is where we left off. So, on to the final arm!

November 4, 2014

Assembly: Cerastus Knight Castigator, Part 3

Finally had more time to work on this. So we are starting on the arms. More specifically I am going to start with the left arm which is the gun arm. The reason being that, despite how poseable this model is, the gun arm is more static due to the large gun ammo belt. I suppose it could be heat warped to fit differently, but it's not something I feel comfortable tackling. As a result, it is going to heavily dictate the final position of the torso.

November 1, 2014

Assembly: Cerastus Knight Castigator, Part 2

So now I tackle the leg assembly. This was a bit more difficult due to how I wanted it positioned. As you can see above, I hacked apart the body of a Wave Serpent to use as base decoration. This would prove to make putting together the legs more challenging than I initially thought. It also caused some other obstacles that I will have to rectify.