September 23, 2014

Ninja Division: Ninja All-Stars and Karate Fight! Announced

In a press release, Ninja Division indicated they would be releasing two new games. Ninja All Stars is slated for a late 2015 release in conjunction with Cipher Studios (makers of Anima Tactics and Helldorado). Still being so far off I wouldn't be surprised to see a Kickstarter for it in the future, but we'll have to wait and see. It says it will "will feature fully assembled, high quality miniatures, and an exciting community driving [sic] style of gameplay, building up your team of elite ninja, and competing for honor and glory against rival clans." From the picture, the minis will be in the chibi style we've seen from such products as Super Dungeon Explore, etc.

The second game is Karate Fight! which is a card based game (no minis) in the same fictional Takoashi University universe as their previous card game Tentacle Bento, a game that was in its second printing but, even so, still shows out of stock (I have a copy fortunately). Karate Fight! is described as "a fast playing game of wits and reflexes. Battle your schoolmates in this 2 – 4 player afterschool rumble featuring the lovely students of Takoashi University." It is slated for a Fall 2014 release.

This press release was originally from August 22nd, but I thought I would point it out in case folks hadn't been watching for news from Ninja Division.

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