September 18, 2014

My First Imperial Knight Complete: Amaranthine

Ready for battle!
Ever since my surgery I hadn't been able to really paint because I couldn't stand sitting for any length of time. I have managed to make it through recovery and decided to finally tackle painting the partially constructed Knight on my table. So here it is above, the completed Amaranthine.

Amaranthine is a Freeblade. A mysterious figure. No one knows who pilots Amaranthine as they have never been seen but there are many rumors as to who it is.

I followed the GW guide on how to paint it. It's Screamer Pink with edge highlights in Pink Horror. Rakarth Flesh was used for the cream colored panals with Pallid Wych Flesh edge highlighting. The broken columns on the base are from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

The next Knight I paint will be Gerantius, although I need to finish off my Minotaur Sternguard Vets and some heavy weapon marines before I start building him. Here are some other pics of Amaranthine.

Left side

Right side


  1. Really nice work Evan! Good to hear you are doing better. Knight looks great!

  2. That is rather splendid. On the off chance that you might see this comment almost two years after your original post, where did you get the transfers?

    1. They were on a limited edition transfer sheet that GW released when the Knight first came out. I got one off Ebay but had to shell out $90 for it! They're hard to find. It also had the transfers for Gerantius.