September 24, 2014

My DIY Space Marine Chapter Idea

Artwork by The Chamba on Deviant Art
I'm digging back to my childhood on this one. If you don't recognize the characters in the artwork, it's The Silver Hawks. An 80's cartoon about high tech intergalactic police fighting against organized crime. So here's what I plan to do with them as Space Marines.

First... their intro:

Cheesy, of course. They were an 80's cartoon! They were in the same universe as the Thundercats if I remember correctly. So, my plans? Here's what I'd like to do:

  • Chapter Name: Silver Hawks
  • Founding Chapter: Iron Hands (Because they're "partly metal, partly real")
  • Chapter Master: Now this is where I'm not sure. The leader of the group is Captain Johnathon Quick a.k.a. Quicksilver. However, the group was brought together by Commander Stargazer who was sort of like their Police Chief. I'll likely go with Quicksilver as the CM and maybe try to work Stargazer in another way.
Quicksilver has Tally Hawk, the half mechanical bird you see at the beginning of the video. So I got me one of these guys:
Inquisitor Coteaz
I plan on taking his left arm and swapping it onto a different model. I would just use Coteaz if he didn't have so much Inquisition iconography on him. I'll paint the bird part metallic and just go with it.
I had to do it... it was too hard to pass up.
Now the only person in the Silver Hawks that is silver is the leader. Ironically. The rest are metallic blue except for Copper Kidd. So my thoughts are that the CM, Captains, and Terminators will be Silver. The rest are metallic blue. Tech Marines will be Copper. Librarians will be gold. Later in the TV series they introduced some other "Hawks" that were different colors. The character of Hotwing was gold and could use magic. That fits a Librarian I think.

I also picked up this guy:
That's right, an old school Noise Marine from when they used guitar guns. He's going to be my Lt. Colonel Bluegrass. Not sure if or how I would incorporate a bandana around his neck... I may have to delve into the realm of green stuff. Bleah...

I've seen figures that were painted silver and then had successive coats of either blue glaze or Tamiya Transparent Blue that gave a really great metallic color effect, so I plan on going that route with the models. I don't plan on it being very large (but you know how that goes), but more of a side project to screw around with. Lord knows I have enough minis to deal with that I don't need more. Heh.

That's about as much thought as I put into it so far. Let me know what you think.

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