September 17, 2014

Knight Castigator Rules are Posted!

The rules for the Cerastus Knight Castigator have finally been posted by Forge World. So get you a copy! The link will take you directly to the PDF.

380 points. It has Flank Speed like the Lancer. It's Ion Shield is like a regular Knight shield. Standard stat array. It's gun is a Twin-Linked Castigator Bolt Cannon, Heavy 8, S7 AP3, 36". So that gives you a decent chance of firing at flyers in an all Knight army. It's sword is S10 AP2, not D. However it has a couple neat abilities: 1) Deflagrate which basically means for every unsaved wound on a regular attack it causes an additional automatic wound on the same unit. 2) Tempest Attack is a special (i.e. Deflagrate doesn't count) attack that happens at I2 and auto hits every enemy in B2B with the Knight. 3) Sunder, so you get to re-roll armor penetration.

All in all, pretty nice rules. I want to get me one.


  1. looks much more the correct height and proportions of the old Epic Knights. The plastic ones are much shorter and dumpier than they should be.

    1. It's my understanding that the old EPic ones were more akin to Titans to begin with. The IKs are smaller and not to Titan proportions. Although still big.