September 30, 2014

Kickstarter: Basius 2 and More Root Dice

I was looking through Kickstarter recently and came across a couple new projects I thought folks in the miniatures hobby might be interested in.

First up is Basius 2 from Wargames Bakery. I made a previous post about receiving their Stencilis project that I had backed. The original Basius project was back in 2013 before I even knew about Kickstarter. It's a "stamping pad" where you place some green stuff on your base and then press it into the Basius mold and voila, you have a textured base. They made some improvements and are looking to create a new line.

The second project is another Root Dice project from World Nine Goods. If you watch my blog at all, you may remember seeing it in the Backed Projects widget on the right side of my blog. This time they're doing themed sets. Technically this aimed at RPG players, but even mini enthusiasts can never have too many dice. They're all 6 siders, but they are made so you can roll any value from a full polyhedral set. They're made from recovered bog woods and the like and are really nice. I have a set of 6 normal D6s from the previous Kickstarter.

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