September 19, 2014

Forge World: Rules for Questoris Knight Magaera Posted

Hot on the heels of the Knight Castigator rules, Forge World has posted the rules for the Knight Magaera. The model is also up for sale for 110 pounds. This is a Mechanicum Knight that works off the standard GW Imperial Knight chassis, so the kit includes the main chassis from the GW model with the resin parts to make it a Magaera.

The resin specific parts
So what's special about this model? For starters you can upgrade the Reaper Chainsword to a Hekaton Siege Claw (seen in the pic at top). It gives it bonuses against buildings. So this Knight is good at tearing down enemy fortifications. It gets to re-roll Armor Penetration vs. buildings and immobile structures AND gets +1 on the damage chart. The claw also sports a twin linked Rad-Phage. A flame template weapon that is S2 AP5, Fleshbane, and any multi-wound models that take damage but survive are permanently -1 Toughness.

It's big gun is a Lightning Cannon that is a S7 AP3, Heavy 1, Large Blast with Rending AND Shred.

The Smaller gun, instead of a stubber, is a Phased Plasma-Fusil. S6 AP3, Salvo 2/3. You read that right. Plasma with no Gets Hot rule.

Other rules it has is Blessed Autosimulacra which is basically a It Will Not Die Roll on a 6+, and has an Ionic Flare Shield. The Shield works like your standard Knight shield, but it also reduces incoming attack strengths by -1, -2 if it's a Blast or Template attack. On top of that it gets a +1 on the Catastrophic Damage table and It's I2 and 3 Attacks, so it's a little weaker on the stat line.

Still, pretty impressive.

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