September 29, 2014

Finally... Shelves!

Seriously... FINALLY! I went and got an inexpensive plastic shelving unit. Remember my post showing my hobby room with piles of stuff everywhere? If not, go refresh your memory.

Now, wrap your mind around this... what you see there? In those pictures? That got WORSE! Yes, even more piles of stuff. It was getting to the point where I could barely walk through the room to sit to paint and build. So, viola!

Almost everything you see here was piled in this corner and there's stuff from around the room too for good measure. There's a big box of Skaven stuff in the attached bathroom out of the way that I didn't shelve yet. Frankly I need to get two more of these units. That last shelf of stuff is all 40k. The one above that has a few Fantasy things on it, but I have enough fantasy stuff in boxes and built and sitting in boxes waiting to be painted that they could fill a whole shelf or two easily.

There's more. There's always more. Not to mention finding a place for hobby supplies, board games, card games, etc. Two more should (hopefully) do the trick. If not, then I will have to start moving stuff out of the hobby room. I want at least one shelf unit to be set up for holding completed figures. The room is just rapidly shrinking.


  1. Wait, you had models piled up in your bathroom? Yeah, you needed these shelves. :D

    1. Ha! Well, they got moved int here while clearing space for the shelves. They didn't start in there... I will try not to make them stay int here. :)

  2. Now you just have to hold back the tide long enough to clear off some of the shelves. (my biggest problem).

    "Sweet I have space!"

    "Where did my space go?"