July 15, 2014

Relic Knights Unboxing: Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box

I recently bought the battle box for the Cerci Speed Circuit faction from Relic Knights. I have always been interested in their miniatures (since I love anime) and I recently got a deal on someone's Kickstarter that had Cerci and Noh minis, but it was lacking the Battle Box for Cerci so I got that first. So here's my unboxing of it.

The box. I love the art for this game (again... anime nerd). This faction was the one I was initially drawn to... because boobs. No seriously, I'm not afraid to admit it. Busty anime babes on fast bikes with over sized guns and wrenches. I dig it. It's what I like to call the Fan Service Faction. Although technically that could be said about most of the factions and The Doctrine comes in close second.

Inside the box is a plastic tray, and on top is a play mat. Relic Knights uses unique cards as their mechanic. You have cards for your characters to put down in initiative, and you have your esper deck that you draw from to power your abilities. This mat helps keep them organized.

A mini rulebook. Just the rules, stripped of all fluff.

Next up is the Knight's double size Action card. She has a lot of actions and abilities. Every Knight has a double size action card. The action card is not what you put on your play mat though, there's a placeholder card for that that is normal size. Now, I should mention that Knights come in two flavors: Relic and Questing. Marie-Claude is a Questing Knight as she has an Esper (Esmee, the little green haired bear thingy in the picture) but she has not yet earned her Relic. Relics are large Mecha that you see some Knights have. For example: Princess Malya from Cerci Speed is a Relic Knight.

The large mech she is riding it her Relic. So one can assume that as newer editions/expansions of the game are released and the story is moved forward, we may see some of these Questing Knights become full Relic Knights. Okay, enough of that. Back to the unboxing.

Next up, these are the placeholder cards for the models that you use on the playmat. It has their stats and boxes to mark health off and held esper which is a way for models to hold power they will need to activate their abilities. There's also action cards for each of them, but no pics of that as I don't want to give away their abilities on the blog out of respect for the company.

A Battle Deck. This has the cards needed to play.

 A token pack.
 This bag has all the pieces for the models in it as well as their bases.
 This small bag within the bag has all the really little fiddly bits. Heads, arms, etc. Esmee is in here as well.
 The Pit Crew. The model on the left is complete as is, The one on the right has her head in the bag as well as the little spurt of hair that stick out the front of her backwards ball cap.
 Marie-Claude's body and Esmee's scarf. Her head and the holster on her leg are in the small bag.
The Royal Wrecker. Wheeew, it looks complicated on first glace. As seems to be the norm nowadays, there's no assembly instructions. Nor is there any on the website. It would be a little handy. Most of it is obvious, but there's a few pieces where I'm scratching my head where they go.

So there you go. The Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box in all its glory! I'll have a whole bunch more soon. (more Cerci and also Noh!) I'm a bit unsure as to the type of plastic they are. I haven't tried assembling them, so I don't know if model cement works or if you have to go the cyanoacrylate route like with Privateer Press and Mantic miniatures.

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