July 10, 2014

Good Used Deal and Other Recent Happenings

Been a while since I posted. I've been laid up after having back surgery to rid myself of sciatic pain from a badly herniated lumbar disc (lift with your knees, kids!). As such I have had lots of time to deal with my backlog of minis, although since I'm not allowed to sit for very long, I haven't been able to do any painting. I did get an airbrush for my birthday and I then bought a compressor. Stupid me though... I got a Grex airbrush and bought a Paasche Compressor not realizing the difference would be an issue. Realizing I didn't have a hose, I ordered a Grex hose. It turns out Paasche uses a proprietary fitting on its regulator. So I bought an adapter... which apparently only works from Paasche air hoses to a Grex air hose. Grumble, grumble... . So I bought a Paasche air hose. So hopefully by early next week I will at least be able to do airbrush base coats and such which I don't have to sit to do.

I managed to find myself an good deal on some used Space Marines. Someone on a Facebook group I am a part of needed to sell off his Ultramarines. He was selling off:

  • 10 Terminators (5 finished, 5 without arms and primed)
  • 5 Scouts with sniper rifles and a missile launcher
  • 20 Tac Marines
  • 5 Devastator Marines
  • 3 Bikes
  • 5 Assault Marines
  • An untouched command group box
  • a bunch of bits sprues.
He wasn't getting any bites so I low-balled $100 thinking he'd laugh at it. He countered with $150 and no extra shipping costs. I Paypaled him the money and they just arrived yesterday. At retail this would run about $360 so I got it for less than half. I picked up a bottle of Dawn Power Dissolver which I heard works wonders for stripping paint so we'll see how it works after I get some cheap-o toothbrushes for scrubbing. I am half-tempted to leave some of them painted to bulk out my Tyrannic War Vets. We'll see. I will try to get pics as I work on them.

I also just received an order from Miniature Market today containing the Season 2 and 3 rulebooks for Dreadball. It was also supposed to have the main box set in the order but they instead sent me the Base Rulebook. A quick call to them about it and they said they'd ship out the main set today. I don't even need to send back the mistake. Very nice of them. I have ordered a ton of stuff from them and I have had 0 complaints about their customer service. I have said it before, and I will say it again, if you live in the US, you should check them out. Good prices, awesome service. And no, I'm not getting anything for saying that. I wish I was! ;)

I also managed to put together almost all of my Dropzone Commander starter set. The Firestorm Armada set is complete. Here's some pics:

Dindrenzi starter fleet

Dindrenzi frigates

Dindrenzi cruisers
Dindrenzi Praetorian Battleship
This last picture is for size reference. My hand is approximately 6-1/4" from heel to the tip of my middle finger. So as you can see, this is a big freakin' model.

And the Terran side:

Terran starter fleet

Terran cruisers

Terran frigates

Terran Tyrant Battleship

Once again, a hand size reference picture. Can't wait to paint these and rope someone into playing this. I've been jonesing for a spaceship game ever since BFG disappeared.

I've also started assembling my Dystopian Wars starter set. It's actually surprisingly easy to assemble.You just have to put the main gun turrets on the ships and then there's a choice of generators or a rocket battery. All which can be simly placed on the model or magnetized. They're unlikely to fall off during play, so there's likely no need to magnetize them.  I'll likely test them un-magnetized and then if they need it, I'll do it later.

I also just got two other things in the mail. The first is something called MaskFX, a stick on stencil of sorts (I call it a reverse stencil) for doing camouflage patterns by Critical Mass Games. I got the digi-camo version to do my Dropzone Commander UMC vehicles in urban camo. The second thing I got was a Kickstarter I back called Stencilis. They're a flexible silicone stencil. I pledged at the 10 Stencil level and finally got them. Haven't had a chance to use them yet, but the "camp ground" stencil will be perfect for painting lambda symbols on my Minotaur Space Marine vehicles.

That's about it for now. I will try to do updates as I can' It's just hard to sit in front of the computer and do this right now. :)

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