June 13, 2014

Origins So Far: Infinity, DZC, And D&D Attack Wing

so I'm at Origins again this year, in Columbus, OH. I forget how many times I have come at this point! I thought I would offer up some images of my time here so far.

I managed to get a "Intro game" in for Infinity. I have picked up a starter force set, but haven't played it yet. So it was a 2 vs. 2 game and the other side had some super-ridonkulous sniper and they won the roll for table side so of course he took the tall building.

You don't see him up there because of Thermal Optical camo. Needless to say, any time we tried to do anything, his sniper ganked us in a reaction order. Our dice rolls sucked. We rolled high when we needed low, and low when we needed high. It was rather comical. "Oh, with cover and armor you only need to roll a 8 or better to save against that hit." *Rolls a 2* Heh. It was still fun.

As previously poisted, I got the Dropzone Commander 2 layer starter set. Well, Hawk Wargames was here at Origins and I got to demo it and get a feel for it for it when I try to play it with my friends. They had a display case of stuff you could buy, and tucked into the corner was this tidbit:

These are work in progress models for the forthcoming Resistance faction.

I also got a shot of the demo table for D&D Attack Wing. It's not ready for sale yet, but they are demoing it.

So, three dragons: Red, Blue, and Gold. Much like the aces in X-Wing, the Gold Dragon was a named character where the Red and Blue were just "Red Dragon", etc. The cards were different things. Some were spells such as Haste. Others were special abilities. For example the Gold Dragon had a card called System Shock where after hitting an opponent with its lightning breath weapon, you could play the card and place a marker on the opponent and they could take no actions this turn. You can also see movement reference cards. One is for in flight, and the other is for on the ground. There's ranged attacks and melee. I didn't demo it (no one was around) so I can't say for sure how it works.

Anyway, that's some of the stuff I saw and did today minis wise. I will leave with a shot of 1 of 2 life size space marines. Because.

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