June 8, 2014

Loot Call!: Kingdom Death Satan and Pin Up Collection Unboxing - Slightly NSFW

I recently received a few things in the mail. For this update, I will be showing the Unboxing of the two Kingdom Death model sets I got.

One interesting tidbit I thought I'd mention: within the shipping box, the individual boxes inside were wrapped in black tissue paper. It seemed appropriate for something called "Kingdom Death" and that they're supposed to be high end minis. A small touch, but one that I noticed.

First up: Satan.
 I don't know why, but I was actually surprised at how small the box was. I suppose I shouldn't have been. 30mm is only slightly bigger than 28mm. It did surprise me though. It also had the two art cards of Satan's two halves. Handy for a color guide.

Half number 1: The staff half with Tongue outfit.

Half number 2: The half with the sword and dick skirt. Yes, you heard me right. A skirt. Made out of dicks. You have to wonder what the sculptor thought when he was given the details of the job.

And each one gets a two part base. Something I've never seen mentioned before, but on the bottom of the lower base, is a symbol that says "I ♥ Poots" which of course refers to Adam Poots, creator of Kingdom Death. Just an interesting touch.

I also got their first plastic release which was all the Pinup versions of the classes they had done previously, called the Hard Plastic Collection.

First, the pretty box.

Here's a shot of the contents in the box. In the black envelope is:

Mini art cards for each of the 8 characters in the box. They are, unfortunately, not the full body art pieces previously released. Also included in the envelope is an encounter card for the forthcoming game as well as an item card to go with it.

And then here we have the two sprues with the pieces for the eight characters. An interesting feature of the sprues: you can see the "cups" on the corners. On the opposite side is a post that fits into the top of the cups so when they are stacked on top of each other they have some separation and don't get locked to each other. It's a surprisingly thoughtful and welcome feature. I'm sure we've all had sprues that got tied up with each other before. Sooner or later that causes an issue.

Obviously they all came with a two part base as well. As soon as I get done with my backlog of current mini projects, I will get to working on these. Also of note: The Satan I got was the Encore edition they did. A "reprint" of sorts since the first one sold out so fast. However, even the limited encore edition is sold out now. However, the Hard Plastic Collection is still available as of this writing.

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