June 21, 2014

Dystopian Wars: Operation Shadow Hunter 2-Player Starter Set Unboxing

I just recently got my Operation Shadow Hunter 2-Player Starter Set delivered to me. So here is my unboxing report for it.

The box.

 Just like the Firestorm Armada set, the contents come well packed in bubble wrap.

This first bag contains the turrets and other bits form the Japanese ships. It also has the side supports of the Wani Forward Base (the clear plastic parts you see). It also has the Small Aircraft squadron bases and tray.

 This is the Kaiju Battleship for the Empire's forces. My hand is about 6-1/4" from heel to the tip of my middle finger, so that gives you a good indication of how big it is.
 This bag contains the Uwatsu Frigates and Fujin Corvettes.

The next bag I opened had the Georgetown Cruisers.

 This is the FSA's Liberty Battleship.

 Augusta Frigates and Revere Corvettes.

Turrets and guns for the FSA ships along with generators, Turtle Assault subs, and SAS bases and movement tray.

 The Yurei Terror Ship which also comes with a clear resin version for when it uses its Phase Generator. I thought this was a nice touch. They could have just left it up to a token to indicate it, but they added this in. A very nice addition.

 The Honshu Cruisers.

The Boston Class Submarine in a surfaced and submerged version. Another nice touch having both versions.

 Here is the Wani Base. The base and the top are connected by the two clear parts in one of the accessory pages. The Yurei fits inside it.
 Dice, of course. They provided some small dice for the SAS wings to indicate number and type of aircraft.

Two sets of TAC cards.

 2.0 Rulebook. This is a softcover book where I was hoping for a hardcover like Firestorm Armada had. Still, it's well put together. As expected, the rules are very similar to Firestorm Armada since Spartan Games tries to use one main set of rules for all their games. However, there is a bit more complexity to the rules in Dystopian Wars.
 Punch out terrain.
 Punch out templates.
And finally, a scenario book. Just like the one in the Firestorm armada starter set, this has a series of interlinked scenarios that slowly teach you the gameplay. It also contains the stats for the ships in the game.

The one knock against this set, which is the same for Firestorm Armada, is there's no build instructions for the models. It seems like it would be easy to put the wrong generator on the wrong ship. Then again, once I get a chance to sit down and actually assemble them, it may be obvious. We shall see.

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