May 14, 2014

Newest Addition to My Hobby Room

I recently purchased an Acrylic Wall Rack for my hobby room to hold my paints. What it is originally meant for is holding bottles of nail polish. However, it's perfectly sized for holding my paints. Vallejo, Army Painter, GW, and P3 all fit in the rack. I don't have them all in there yet, what you see in the picture is just the stuff that was on my work table. I have more in a plastic toolbox that will be nice to get rid of so I'm not always tripping over it. Nit exactly sure how I want to organize it yet. For now I have shades, glazes, and dry paints on top, then metallics on the next level, technical, then layers and bases... trying to put them together in some semblance of grouping by color type. I'll figure it out eventually. Anyway, if you have a dedicated hobby area, you might want to consider this as a means of getting the paints off your work surface and opening up more space for yourself.


  1. This...this is amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much!!!!! I have been looking for a method to store my paints and this is perfect!