May 5, 2014

Loot Call! - Forge World Goodies

My Forge World order arrived today! Before I get to the jump and what I got, I have to say, I am impressed with Forge World's shipping. I have only ordered from them a few times, and the previous times I shelled out the extra fifteen pounds for express shipping. I only did standard shipping this time, but time of order to arriving was a week. Ordered 4/27 arrived 5/5. Color me impressed.

So here's what I got:

I got Imperial Armour vol. 2 second edition. Also picked up two Hyperios Tarantula weapon platforms and a Tarantula command platform. I have to say, those things are expensive (dollar wise) but they will provide some much needed air support against an upcoming opponent playing the so called "Flying Circus" list. I plan on doing an unboxing... err... unpackaging of them soon since I have to build them before this weekend. :)


  1. Were you shipping to the states? Or are you stationed in Europe? The IA2 book looks glorious!

    1. I was shipping to the States. That's why I was so impressed. When I order stuff from Scibor, in Poland, it takes about 2 weeks. This was pretty fast for standard shipping.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I was wondering how quick their shipping was!