May 3, 2014

Assembly Update: Vigilator-Sergeant Hamath Kraatos

This is Vigilator-Sergeant Hamath Kraatos, second in command of the Minotaurs 9th company, Devastator Company. This was the exclusive figure at the recent Forge World event. Snagged one off Ebay for a not outrageous sum. I mounted him on an Ancient Ruins base from Scibor Miniatures. To do so, I had to carefully saw off the outcropping his foot was on. Once that was done, he fit on the base perfect.

Word to the wise though, if you end up getting your hands on one of these: The ammo belt was a major pain the rear to attach. It took much bending and cyanoacrylate to get it to go on correctly and stay. I suppose it's worth it for a Heavy Bolter you can Snipe with, right? :)

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