April 29, 2014

Kingdom Death - New Minis and Remasters

Kingdom Death has released some new minis as well as remasters and general releases of previously limited edition minis. Adam Poots, the mind behind Kingdom Death and the associated Kickstarter, had a post on Bell of Lost Souls announcing the new minis. The line-up:

Satan. Mr. Poots stated if they reached $666,666 in their Kickstarter he'd design his version of Satan. Which happens to be two hermaphrodites. The limited edition run of 500 sold out in 8 hours, however they're taking pre-orders for general release. 

Gold Smoke Knight. This is a limited release.

Pinups of Death - Hard Plastic Collection. This is a collection of their 8 previously released pin-up versions of characters in plastic rather than resin including some other goodies. At $100 for the collection they're cheaper than a GW character at about $12.50 apiece. And remember these are 35mm miniatures. 

In the remastered and re-released realm there's the Twilight Knight Pin-Up which has 5 available as of this writing, White Speaker Nico in an encore release, and the resin White Speaker (non-pin up version) as a remaster. Many other figures are still in stock as well. You check it all out at the Kingdom Death store.

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