March 24, 2014

WiP: Storm Raven Base

 Now that my Fantasy tournament is over, I have started working on the base for my Storm Raven. You can see it above, primed for painting. More pics inside of the following steps.

I just received the tan bricks I ordered from Secret Weapon Miniatures which will serve as further rubble on the base. So I began by painting the sand around the base fixtures with GW Dryad Bark which is my basing paint I am using for my army. I did that so later I didn't run the risk of slopping it on the freshly painted fixtures. The fixtures are being done in multiple steps as opposed ot the base which is Dryad Bark dry brushed with Tyrant Skull.

Since the bricks are tan, I based the fixtures in GW XV-88 and then hit them with a generous amount of GW Seraphim Sepia shade. Here's a couple pics that show them still wet with the shade.


The skulls were based in GW Ushtabi Bone and then hit with the same shade. The benefit of doing the fixtures this color is that it matches the color of my vehicles (I am NOT doing bronze on the vehicles as I don't want them looking like giant driving ingots!) and so helps to tie it all together. The dirt like rubble was painted the same Dryad Bark as the ground.

Once the shade has dried, I went over it with GW Balor Brown. I'm still waiting on the shade to dry on the other fixtures, and once it does I will do the same to them, followed by selective highlights with GW Zamesi Desert. Finally I'll hit it with a dry brush of Terminatus Stone. The skull in this pic has been dry brushed with Tyrant Skull and the Dryad Bark rubble has been hit with Terminatus Stone. As you can see I finally fitted the stem onto the base as well.

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