March 14, 2014

Screwed by Ebay Purchase

You may recall a Loot Call entry where I had a big bag of Vargheist bits that I was going to use the wings for converting Dark Steeds in Dark Pegasi. This was the image on the Ebay listing I bought. Twenty bucks = shipping for the lot. Seemed like a good deal. Imagine my dismay as I sat down to work on the conversion and took the wings out of the bag... AND THEY WERE ALL RIGHT SIDE WINGS!!! Every one of them. If you look in the picture, it looks like 3 sets, but it was a clever trick where three of the wings were positioned upside down to look like left side wings. So now I went to an online bitz seller and ordered the wings. With shipping it was $16, so cheaper AND I know I'm actually getting three sets of wings.

Moral of the story... scrutinize the pictures on Ebay very closely before buying. I just wish I hadn't left feedback already.

EDIT: Upon closer inspection at the behest of the commentators, it would seem that I got three sets of wings from the one Vargheist that has it's left arm up in the air. The membrane on that wing goes in such a way that it's the same curvature as the right arms. As such, you can't use the two together for wings on something like a Dark Pegasus other wise you'd have the membrane curving in opposite directions on the model which would look weird. So while the seller didn't deliberately deceive by selling 6 right wings, they were all from the one model that they can't be used together and look normal. :) It was my own fault for not paying closer attention.


  1. If someone can get their money back from ebay for buying an X-box One 'box' thinking it was an X-box One then it might be worth escalating a claim? The picture can be misleading due to the shadows, it should have specifically stated all right side wings, anything else is misrepresentation.

  2. Actually, I'm not sure you should be so quick to judge. I recently picked up some vargheist wings myself (though for different purposes). When I got them, I let the guy know that there were a disproportionate number of right wings to left. He dug through his bits box and later found some more wings. To my dismay, that also had a disproportionate number of right-sided wings.

    Then I really looked at the models and the sprues, and I think that they're actually complete sets. If you check out the images on GW's site, I think the wings you received are those on the left-most model (the one with his left-arm over his head). It's a really weird position, but it makes sense that these are the spares (why would someone want to use just half of the wings and send you the other side? More likely, they used the ones that look like normal wing pairs and sold the other pairs, yes?).

    So, while the guy probably didn't intentionally stick it to you, you probably find yourself in the same boat as I do (And he did). I'm not sure how to salvage that--especially for pegasi, but perhaps you can get them to work?

    1. Well, the membranes of the wings have a curve, and the curve is "up". All the wings I have stack on top of each other perfectly. :/ Kind of a bummer. After looking at the 360 degree viewer on the GW website, I think you're right, all three sets of wings are from the one on with it's arm up, and they have it modeled so the membrane is curving out which means there's no way to make them work. :( On the bright side, I bought a full set of wings from a retailer, and when I get those I'll be able to make use of some of the ones i have at least.

  3. I can't be too sure from the picture, but some of the wings are a bit weird, because they are designed so that one goes up and the other down. A left wing that's supposed to be raised in the air can look similar to a right wing that's supposed to hang down. I had a moment where I thought I'd got four right and two left or something like that instead of three pairs, but it was right actually. Of course, if you are right, then it's pretty devious of the seller - but I'm also intrigued what he's using left wings for...

  4. That's a real bum move by the seller. And it makes it harder for everyone else to sell and buy on Ebay.