March 7, 2014

Painting Woes: Forced Painting

 As I have previously mentioned, I am planning on going to a tournament later this month. While it doesn't have a painting requirement, it does have painting points. I would like to have something presentable for the tournament. Which leads me to a dilemma...

I am calling it forced painting. In other words, painting I feel I have to get done for one reason or another. I enjoy painting. It's a relaxing activity to do before bed to wind down from the day, although I often get caught up in it and the next thing I know four hourss have passed.

My big problem is that when I have an enforced need to get it done, I suddenly find myself lacking the motivation to do it. Instead of painting I fart around on the computer. Watch one more TV show. Play games on my iPad. Read. Whatever, anything but painting. For whatever reason, when I have a deadline, a body of work I need to get done for some reason, I just can't push myself to do it as often as I can.

Now let me be clear... the motivation issue is in starting it. Once I start, like previously mentioned, I find myself locked into it with no sense of passing time so I am productive when I do it. It's just getting over the hump of starting. And it's a big, big hump.

I suspect the reason is that it's something I do for enjoyment and relaxation and having a deadline to get a body of work done is the opposite. It's work and it's stressful. At least that's my former psych major assessment of it.

How many of you do tournaments and have had forced painting issues? Did you find it difficult to get off the starting line or is just like any other painting session?

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