March 3, 2014

Painting: 2nd Squad of Minotaurs Done and Table War Insert

I finally managed to get my 2nd squad of 2nd company marines finished. Also got one of the trays for my Table War display case based. I also believe I haven't given any WiP updates on my Rhinos, so take a look!

Here's my 2nd squadron:
Although it wasn't until after I took this pic that I realized I didn't paint the border on the Captain's standard. D'oh! I'll have to fix that...

Here's one of the tray inserts for the Table War case that had been sanded and based to match the minis:

And here's a shot with the Marines in it:
So you can see how the tray inserts make for a nice looking coherent force. The trays, with a full complement of inserts, can pull double duty as a display board for tournaments and the like. Especially since without the insert, you can use their resin washers to position your troops the way you wish and fill it in with Spackle and base it. For now I don't have the insert glued down so it can be removed to use with fantasy figures. Unfortunately they didn't specifically have fantasy in mind when they made the case but it's not that big a deal.

And as promised, some WiP shots of my Rhino
Here's the side door. This is a Forge World resin replacement door. Same with the front:
You might just be able to make out that I have some Agrax Earthshade in the crevices. It's coming along nicely. Albeit slowly.

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