March 4, 2014

My Hobby Space: A Look Inside My Messy Hobby Room

When we moved to the new house, there was a room in the basement used as a guest room. I declared it as my hobby room and my wife was all too happy to give me a space out of the way for "all that crap". So I figured I'd give a tour of this messy hole in the wall.

So here's the "commander's view" on the tables.
1. Not seen in the pic is a stack consisting of a Screaming Bell box with the sprues after assembly, a GW DIY movement tray kit. There's also some neodymium magnets hidden there as well.
2. My main workspace. The whole thing looks crowded, but I don't need a lot of space to do the actual work. You can see various stages of work. Some base coated Dark Elf corsairs, primed corairs, and finished Space Marines from my last update.
3. Various modelling supplies. Plastruct Bondene which is the plastic glue I use which I highly recommend. Some Walther's SolvaSet for decals, white glue and Tide pens. They come in handy should you get something on you you don't want on you.More towards the center you can see some Secret Weapon Minis Realistic Water and there's a jar of crushed glass for doing snow as well in there somewhere.
4. Assembled projects that haven't moved on. Terminators, Scourgerunner Chariot and War Hydra. More supplies... super glue, zip kicker accelerator, paint. You can also see boxes of the games Mille Bournes and Chez Geek with Space Marine decals and Minotaur etched brass on top.
5. Primed Corsairs, an army roster that I forgot to take with me the last time I gamed. :/ Off camera is other modeling supplies such as cutters, saw, droppers, tweezers, brushes, etc.
6. The background is mostly boxes of stuff, assembled and not. Here we have, behind the primer can, boxes of Night Goblins intended for use as Skaven Slaves. Two assembled Dark Elf Kharibdyss models on top of an empty box of Dark Riders, on top of an old GW mail order box that has various Dark Elf models in it.
7. Unopened DE Witch Elf and Warlock boxes.
8. A stack of boxes. There's completed boxes of Kharibdyss, Cauldron of Blood as well as unopened to be assembled boxes of Menoth Deliverers (just out of camera shot) and a Beastmaster on Manticore.

One corner of the room full of ongoing projects and stuff yet to be started.
Here's a close up of some of the stuff.

A couple Forge World Necron kits (Night Shroud Bomber and Tesseract Ark) as well as boxes of Skaven stuff from the old 6th edition box set. There's a couple Ork Truks on top that are intended for a friend.

Some Necron stuff int he box on top, sprues, and some games. Specifically: Catan, Tannhäuser, and Leviathans. Then a box of Warmachine/Hordes stuff. Some Protectorate stuff and Trollking figs.

Assembled Convergence of Cyriss figs, a box of various things... modeling stuff and minis. The white box with the pink bubble wrap is the old Necron box set with minis in it.A stack of other minis to be assembled, you can see DE Executioners on top.

The box on top has more DE stuff in it as well as a small sieve for straining sand and rocks. A partially painted Annihilation Barge, a partially assembled box of Praetorians. Underneath is a box with a couple trays of Battlefoam with various figs in it.That bag on the bottom right is full of unassembled Convergence minis. And at the bottom middle you can just make out an unopened box of the Storm Raven Attack Wing box set.

Another look at the bag o' Convergence. Also assembled boxes (or possibly unassembled) boxes of Skaven and some other spray paints.

Opposite corner of the room. You can see a bog box of Skaven, some Malifaux minis primed and a box of them unassembled. Also a box of Dreadfleet. At the bottom of the pic there's a custom made "Helping Hands" rig on top of a game called Gearworld: The Borderlands.

Also in that corner, a big box of Skaven. You can see a Battlefoam tray full of Skaven peeking out from under those.

And finally a (blurry) pic of a box of Dark Elf stuff. On top of a box of sprues, on top of a milk crate full of stuff. You can see my old single speed Dremel there. I have a new multi-speed one I got for Christmas for drilling for pinning and such.

So there it is. What can you take from all this? I'm messy as hell is one logical reaction. Another would be: I need to get shelves!! Badly. I want to put in shelves, and I purchased a clear acrylic rack meant for nail polish that I want to hang on the wall for putting my paint in so I can get them out of the tool box I have been using. Truth be told, a lot of this is as it was when moving into the house. I literally filled the back of my car (a station wagon body type) with all this. That was basically one trip!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my work/gaming space. (Yes, I do game there on occasion and I need to clean all that up when I do!)

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