March 13, 2014

Modeling Updates: Corsairs and Space Marines

 So this is a small update on my current projects. As you can see above, I got my corsairs dipped. They should be dry enough tomorrow to hit with the matte spray. Then I just need to base them. Additionally, I began work on my Storm Raven. Or more specifically, its base.

Back View
Front View

Got it all sanded and I included a couple pieces from the Scibor stuff I got in the last Loot Call post. One of the Spartan Basing Kit heads was used as well as two sections of the Templar Ruins. I also want to get a pack of the bricks from Secret Weapon Miniatures to put more rubble around the base. The flyer stem isn't glued on yet, just there for show until it gets primed. Now I just need to get the Storm Raven assembled.

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