March 24, 2014

Kickstarter: Fall Schematic (Malifaux Related)

A new Kickstarter backed by me. Well, if you've been paying attention, there's been a couple new backings, but this is the first one of the new batch to involve minis. It's called Fall Schematic.

Truth be told, it's a combination card game and digital RPG. However, they're getting support from Wyrd Games (but it has nothing to do with any Wyrd properties) and one of the backing levels, the $90 level, is an "All-Minis" level. Not the game, just the exclusive minis they are offering. So what's special about these minis? They are Malifaux compatible! They are appearing in the game and there will be exclusive 32mm sculpts of them. There's three of them:

First up is Lucius from The Guild. He will come with a limited edition stat card as well. Not sure if that's just the same card on a different fancy card (most likely) or if it's going to be a variant in terms of powers (less likely). No hunter though, just Lucius.

Collette. They don't have confirmation that this is the same Collette from the Arcanists faction, but if it's getting the mini treatment, I am assuming it is. Will be a cool mini anyway.

Miss Direction. Brand new Outcast that will have her rules published in the Wyrd Chronicles newsletter. New entry in the long line of "misses" variant sculpts in Malifaux such as: Miss Demeanor, Miss Terious, Miss Step, etc.

However, the Minis only pledge level is limited and there's only 74 left as of this writing. So if you like to get those limited edition sculpts, better hurry.

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