February 27, 2014

Loot Call: TableWar Design's Display Tower

Woot! Got my new Display Tower case today from TableWar Desgins! Unboxed it and fiddled with it a bit. Check it out!

It was a pretty big box. 

It was packed well. Wrapped in bubble wrap and with Styrofoam braces on the corners.
The only issue I had was the acrylic front of the case. They have this brown film (it looks like cardboard, but it's not. It's evil. Pure. Unadulterated. evil.) They also have a couple thin strips of masking tape protecting the metal edges. However, in taking off the masking tape and the film, it kept tearing. As such it was taken off in thin strips and took more time that it should have. And even worse, on one side the masking tape left residue. Guess I'll have to get some Goo Gone and get rid of that.
So here it is open with one of the trays in it. I need to get more inserts, but for now, this is will carry my Space Marines force for my Escalation League. You just kind of see at the bottom that there's a tray that you can slide into the bottom. Or not if you need more tray space. The trays fit securely on the rails, and TableWar even sells the rails separately so you install them into you r shelves at home to hold extra trays full of goodies. For the other trays I have an order in with Shogun Miniatures for metal to be cut to fit into the main trays so I can use them for my Fantasy armies.

Here's a close up of the tray with the three inserts. The big blank one will eventually get a resin "washer" sized for the flier base to carry my Storm Raven. The other two you see are for 20mm round bases so that will carry my two squads + command squad and captain plus have room for expansion. I have an insert on order that will hold my Terminators but it hasn't reached me yet.

Each of the inserts has multiple parts. The two side one have the base tray, a sheet of tin, and then the plastic cover with the cutouts. The middle one just has the tin. So I have already taken one of those plastic top covers and have started putting glue and sand on it so I can do it up like the bases of my Marines.

TableWar also sells custom sized neodymium magnets that are sized perfectly to fit under the base. So no need for fiddling with gluing a glob of green stuff and then gluing the magnet onto that. They have two sizes, one of which was made for metal models that need more hold. So I tried out the big by gluing it to one of my Corsairs and then I stuck him tot he side of the fridge...
He stayed!

One thing I noticed that I liked: the carrying handle has a soft grip on it, not hard like you may be used to on things like luggage. It's firm, but it's still soft. A welcome addition in case you have to lug a lot of metal any distance. Once I got it all sorted out and minis in it, I'll do more pics to show how it handles it all.

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