February 17, 2014

Blog Dump: Updates on Various Things

Been really busy of late, so I haven't been getting in posts like I should. So just a quick update. No pictures, sadly.

Update 1: My Minotaurs force now has it's 2nd squadron complete and painted. They are being decaled now. Got the chapter symbol on them, just need the Troops symbol on the right shoulder and they'll be ready for dipping.
    No further progress on the Rhinos. I have the one that I can complete but need to get more paint for the other two since they only got about half coverage. I need another can of propellant too.
   And finally, with the 2nd squad done, it'll be time to start assembling my Assault Terminators. I got my Spartan shields from Scibor Miniatures that I will use for their Storm Shields.  They should look awesome when done. Also need to assemble my Storm Raven. Another vehicle I need paint for.

Update 2: March is fast approaching and the Fantasy tourney at CincyCon. Need to get some more models assembled and a ton painted. I doubt I will get them all painted in time for the tourney which means I'll be losing out on painting points. Oh well. I will do what I can.

Update 3: I am waiting for a TableWar case to arrive that I ordered. I had been saving up for it and finally ordered it! And right after I ordered it I received a medical bill I could have used the money for... bleh. Ah well. Not sure when it will arrive, but I can't wait for it! Finally I can stop transporting my Cauldron of Blood and Bloodwrack Shrine in a box... that I keep dropping and breaking pieces off of them.
    There's plenty of reviews out on the net of this case, but once I have it and have messed with it, I will give my verdict on it.

Update 4: Got the word that my local GW will be closing in several months. Corporate is closing a bunch for not meeting the minimum profitability. My local store is the best in the region but will still fall short. It's a shame as it's a great place (contrary to what some people say about the GW stores) and has a great group of folks that hang out there and play. Fortunately the manager said he's looking into opening his own store. He's a great guy and I will support his store if he does.

Update 5: Got me a box of Deliverers from Miniature Market on sale to add to my Menoth forces. Although with all the Warhammer stuff I have to deal with right now, it's going to be a while before I get to anything but Fantasy and 40K stuff.

Update 6: I didn't meet my January painting vows. Got one Squad done and that was it, but got them all assembled.

Update 7: Played my first 40K game for the League. It was against Necrons. Unfortunately I was a bit pressed for time, so I didn't take notes and can't write up a battle report. Long story short, I lost by 1 point. We played The Relic. We were tied most of the game (He had the Relic, I had First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Linebreaker) until he zipped his Destroyers into my deployment zone and snagged Line Breaker himself. I just could not get that unit of Immortals carrying the Relic down. On the bright side, on turn one I glanced his Annihilation Barge with my Lascannon and then did a drive by with my Meltagun and blew it to smithereens, so I didn't have to deal with that.

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