February 10, 2014

Battle Report: 2500 Dark Elves vs. Orcs & Goblins

A new battle report! I am testing out a list I am thinking of taking to my first tournament. Let me know what you think. This was a 2500 point battle between my Dark Elves and Orcs & Goblins.

My List

Crone Hellebron (General, in Corsairs)
Supreme Sorceress (Lvl 4, Tome of Furion, Ring of Hotek, Ironcurse Icon, in Corsairs)
Death Hag (BSB, Cry of War, Cauldron of Blood)

28 Witch Elves (Full Command)
32 Corsairs (Extra Hand Weapon, Full Command)
2x 5 Dark Riders (Musician, Shield, Repeating Crossbows)
2x Kharibdyss
2x Reaper Bolt Throwers
Bloodwrack Shrine (in Corsairs)

My Spells (Dark Magic): Power of Darkness, Word of Pain, Bladewind, Shroud of Darkness

My Opponent's List

Black Orc Warboss
Black Orc Big Boss BSB
Orc Shaman (Level 4)
2x Lvl 1 Night Goblin Shamans
Goblin Big Boss on Spider

2x 20 Night Goblins with short bows
2x 50 Night Goblins with spears
40 Big 'Uns
25 Black Orcs
6 River Trolls
8 Spider Riders
2x Bolt Throwers

Spells: Itchy Nuisance, Sneaky Stabbing, Foot of Gork, Hand of Gork, 'Ere We Go, and Brain Bursta'.


Spiders vanguard forward. DR units vanguard forward towards the BTs. Despite the +1, my opponent wins first turn.

O&G Turn 1

Animosity: Affects the 2 left Night Goblin units. The left horde unit just squabbles but the left archer unit attacks the Spiders who kill off 1 archer, so both those units can't do anything this turn.
Movement: A lot of moving forward. Not much of consequence.
Magic: Rolls 6/4. He IFs Itchy on the right DRs and reduces their Move and Init by 5! Ouch. But he power drains his one level for his effort and steals one of my dispel dice. He casts Hand of Gork and I let it go since my dispel pool is down to 5 and he still has plenty of dice left and I'm worried about Foot. So he moves his Spider Riders forward towards my left RBT. He then 6 dices Foot, no IF. He gets a total of 17, easily doable with 5 dice, right? Nope, I roll 1, 1, 2, 2, 4. He drops it on my Witches, centering on the Cauldron, but it scatters to the right and only clips 3 Witches and the Kharibdyss. 1 Witch makes her Ward and no wounds on the K-beast.
Shooting: The right Bolt Throwers fires at the DR and hits, but rolls a 1 to wound. The Left BT misses. The R archer fire 10 shots at the DR but get no wounds on 2 hits. Left archers get 2 wounds and I fluff the 4+ armor save. 2 dead Riders but they pass their Panic test. It wasn't until I was writing this up later that I remembered that they shouldn't have been able to shoot.

DE Turn 1

Movement: I move forward as well. The Witches were within 18 of his right NG horde, but they managed to restrain despite the -3 from Cry of War. I move the left Kharibdyss to fance the Spider unit's flank and possibly their rear if they fail the charge. It's partially inthe forest so I find out it's a mushroom forest and units in it must make Stupidity tests. I move the Right DR to 8" from the archers. 1 Fanatic comes out and he rolls a 10! This results in 2 dead DR. The left DR march up and put the BT between them and the Fanatics... but he was just able to angle it so the Fanatic's base squeeked by the BT. Dang. But he rolled short for distance.
Magic: I roll 5/5. I cast Word on the Night Goblin Horde but Bladewind is scrolled. I Shroud the Spiders just because (They're already out of the Ld bubble). Power of Darkness is dispeled. Fury of Khaine is cast on the right K-beast.
Shooting: Left RBT volley fires on the Spiders and kill off 3 but they pass their panic. The right RBT takes a single shot at the Trolls, hits, but roll a 1 to wound. The Left DR shoot and kill the Fanatic and the right DR kill off 2 Night Goblin archers.

O&G Turn 2

Animosity: No animosity this turn.
Movement: The right archer unit charges the DR who stand and shoot but I fluff the wound rolls. (This fluffing of 4+ rolls is something that would haunt me all day) The Spiders make a long charge on the left RBT. Now, somehow, we both made a glaring error here. The charging archer unit never got moved. Subsequently, the Fanatic went back through the DR unit and killed them off. Technically it should have gone though both our units. Not sure how we both forgot about moving a charging unit, but there it is. He also moved his right Bolt Thrower forward trying to get in short range of something. The left archer unit wheeled to face the Dark Riders.
Magic: He rolls a 5/1 but he gets a channel. He tries rolling Sneaky on his left horde of NG, but rolls a 1 on his 'Shroom. He casts the empowered Foot but I dispel it.
Shooting: The right archer unit fires at the Kharibdyss causing 1 wound but it's saved. Left BT shoots at the DR but rolls a 1 to wound.
Combat: The RBT crew gets no kills on the Spiders and the Spiders massacre them, over running off the board. Sorry for the crazy charge arrow. I put the Spiders too far down and they got put "Back in Box". When I put them back on it did so in the upper right corner, hence the ridiculous charge arrow. Unfortunately the program has no way of correcting this.

DE Turn 2

Movement: Witches and K-Beast attempt to charge the goblin horde, but both fail. The Corsair unit tries to charge the left goblin horde and also fail! And these were doable charges. Only needing an 8 on the charge. Oh well. Left DR charge the BT. The K-Beast in the forest fails his Stupidity, even with BSB re-roll and moves forward into the forest toward the goblin horde.
Magic: I roll boxcars! And wouldn't you know, I channeled too, dang it! The only time I channeled all game and it's when I roll a 12. I cast Shroud which got the left goblin horde and the Black Orcs. Bladewind is dispelled. Power of Darkness gets me 2 dice. Finally Word of Pain failed to cast with a crappy roll.
Shooting: The RBT rolls a 1 to hit. Moving on...
Combat: The DR kill off the Bolt Thrower with no problem and over run into the Night Goblins who Stand & Shoot but fail to wound.

O&G Turn 3

Animosity: All his unengaged Night Goblin units fail their Animosity checks. The right horde unit rolls We'll Show 'Em and moves forward, releasing its 2 Fanatics towards the K-beast. One falls short but the other hits the K-Beast and causes 3 wounds. The left horde rolls a 1 and attacks the Black Orcs, losing a goblin for their Impudence. So those two units are tied up.  The archer unit is squabbling.
Movement: The horde that wants to Show 'Em charges through the Fanatic into the Kharibdyss. The Fanatic dies but takes 3 or 4 goblins with him. (he rolled 5 on 2d6) The Trolls move into the building. The Big 'Uns are blocked and can't do anything. Spiders come back onto the board edge behind the Corsair unit. The right Fanatic goes back through the archer unit killing 6 and panicking them.
Magic: Rolls 4/2. He throws 6 dice at the empowered Foot on my Corsair unit. I dispel it with the extra +4 from Hellebron. On top of that, he rolled a double 1 which triggers the Ring of Hotek, forcing him to roll on the Miscast table and he rolls Cascade. The template hits 17 Big 'Uns of which he kills 13, and then the Shaman is sucked into the warp.
Shooting: His BT fires at mine and hits, but fails to wound.
Combat: The Kharibdyss kills 2 goblins, but they manage to get two wounds on it and I once again fluff my 4+ save with a 1 and 2. Sigh. K-beast dead. The goblins over run into the Witch Elves.
The DR kill 2 archers who kill none in return. The DR win, the archers fail their test and are run down.

DE Turn 3

Movement: Corsairs and Dark Riders charge the horde. The fanatics pop out in the flank at the Dark Riders who die to the man from 4d6 hits, but they squish the fanatics. The Corsairs make it this time and slam into the goblins. I held back the Kharibdyss (which made it's stupidity check) for fear of the Fanatics, letting the Riders take them.
Shooting: My RBT fired a single shot at the Black Orcs killing one.
Combat: The Witch Elf unit kills off 14 Night goblins who kill 5 witches in return. Witches win 18-9 but fail to catch the fleeing unit.
    In the Corsair fight, Avert Your Gaze got 1, Hellebron got 1 extra attack and killed 7, the Medusa, handlers, Sorc, and Corsairs combined for 24 kills with none in return. They won the fight 33-0 and caught the fleeing unit with a 9" over run.

O&G Turn 4

Animosity: Spiders fail animosity and squabble on the board edge.
Movement: Black Orcs try to charge the Witch Elf unit and fail. Trolls come out of the building to threaten the Witches' flank. Both Fanatics roll doubles and die. His fleeing Night Goblin unit rallies and reforms to face the witches. (probably because of the unit of Big 'Uns behind them glaring at them) Archer units continues to panic and flee toward the deployment edge... but he falls just short of the Fanatic.
Magic: All his casters are dead or powerless, so no magic phase anymore.
Shooting: His BT again fails to wound my RBT.

DE Turn 4

Movement: Corsairs swift reform to put themselves majority in the back arc of the Black Orcs. K-Beast stays where it is in the forest, making its Stupidity test. Witches charge the Night Goblin Unit.
Magic: Empowered Word of Pain on the Big 'Uns drops their stats by 2. Bladewind is dispelled. Shroud succeeds on the Black Orcs.
Shooting: RBT single shots the Trolls, but they make the Regen.
Combat: Witches take the Night Goblin unit down to 3 models+the 0 level shaman. It flees 3". I Pursue! I roll snake eyes. *bang head on table*

O&G Turn 5

Animosity: Big 'Uns fail Animosity, but they rolled We'll Show 'Em and they were blocked by the fleeing Night Goblins so they couldn't do anything.
Movement: Black Orcs charge the Witches, squeezing past the Night Goblins, clipping the front of the unit, but weren't in combat with the Cauldron meaning the Death Hag couldn't get into combat. (Cauldron can't Make Way) Trolls charge it in the flank. Spiders march up.
Shooting: Bolt Thrower fires at the Corsairs and kill 2.
Combat: Witches put one wound on the Trolls and take down 8 Black Orcs. Trolls kill 5 and Stomp 2, General only gets 1 wound which I make the 5+ ward on. (can't make a 4+ to save my life, but I make the 5+!) His BSB kills one. The Black Orcs get nothing. At this point we were tied, but he used his Waaagh! and won the combat by 3. Alas, I flee and am caught.

DE Turn 5

Movement: Corsairs charge rear of Black Orcs and the K-Beast (making its Stupidity test) charge the flank. The K-beast makes it, the Corsairs fail!
Magic: Word of Pain on Black Orcs is dispelled, Bladewind on Big 'Uns kills 1.
Shooting: I volley into the Spiders killing 2.
Combat: K-beast kills 1, the BSB and Warboss make way and slaughter my poor beast. Thanks Corsairs... . The Black Orcs reform in victory to face the Corsairs.

O&G Turn 6

Movement: Black Orcs and Spiders combo charge the Front of the Corsairs. The Spiders had to squeeze past the edge of the Black Orcs so only hit 1-1/2 corsairs.
Combat: The Spider Big Boss issues a challenge and is accepted by the Unit Champ. Champ causes one wound, Boss causes 2 and wins. Hellebron gets 3 extra attacks so 9 total. Between the characters and corsairs, Medusa and Avert Your Gaze, I kill off all the Black Orcs, leaving only the General and the BSB. The BSB tries to kill off Hellebron, but rolls two 1's but he saves against the rebound wounds, putting 1 wound on Hellebron. The General slaughters the Sorceress. Corsairs win 14-6 and run down the General and BSB but not the Spiders.

After this we called it. We rolled to see if I could catch the fleeing Spiders but I couldn't. Shooting and Magic weren't likely to do anything so that was it. Victory to the Dark Elves.

Thoughts on the game: A lot of failed charges which hurt. It very well likely caused the loss of a K-beast. The Kharibdyss didn't do much. They're in the list to have some high Strength punch, but my to hit rolls have been miserable through a couple games. Still need to try it out again and see if it's viable for the upcoming CincyCon tournament. The two Shrine units slaughtered whatever was put in front of them if they had a majority of their frontage in combat. Two frenzied 2-weapon units put out a lot of attacks. The one surprising thing was in one combat, the Witch Elves, having 36 attacks with re-rolls, getting about 30 or 31 hits, failed to get a single poison attack. That made me shake my head. Also, we forgot a lot of things. No excuse. Forgetting to move chargers and fleeing units. Some stuff was specific to his army so I didn't think to look out for it, but I should have asked. At least I didn't forget Murderous Prowess re-rolls this time! :)

But a win is a win. At the end all I had was my Corsair unit, Hellebron, and one RBT. Still good enough for a Victory. Any feedback and constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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