February 6, 2014

1st Squad of Minotaurs Done!

This is the finished 2nd Company 1 Squadron of my Minotaurs force. There's 10 of them there, I swaer (one is hidden behind the Sergeant). The Quickshade turned out great. After dipping them I used a paper towel to blot away the excess and the final product was awesome.

The only hitch I ran in to was when I sprayed the matte finish on them. I had never had this problem when I sprayed my Skaven, but when I sprayed my Marines the matte finish wrinkled. I have since read that it's problem related to the solvents in the matte spray and how it reacts with the Quickshade varnish. The other difference between my Skaven and Marines was that I used the Army Painter matte spray on my Skaven and used the GW Purity Seal on the Marines. (I was out of my Army painter spray) I did detect less of a "gasoline" smell with the Army Painter spray so there must be less solvent in it.

In the meantime I have some bottled matte varnish I can brush on which should work out fine for future models even though it will take more time. Better than having all that time spent making them pretty get messed up. :)

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