January 14, 2014

Space Marines Coming Along

I've been working on assembling my Minotaurs when I can. The goal is to have them done and painted by February for the start of the Escalation League. I just got my Forgeworld order yesterday, so I can start working on the vehicles. I got Minotaur Shoulder Pads and Rhino doors. Also the Minotaurs etched brass and transfer sheet. So I am good to go.

Here's a shot of one of the command squad with the shoulder pad:
And here's some Tac Squad members. I just need 2 more Tac members to be done with my troops.

I haven't attached the weapon hand to my Captain yet. I'm debating if I should magnetize it or not. I may go out today and see if I can find some magnets small enough for his wrist and the gun hands. Just got a multi-speed Dremel for Christmas so it will be handy for doing the drilling work. I already have a chuck from my old single speed Dremel, so it's good to go in regards to drilling.

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