December 4, 2013

Loot Call! - Litko Stuff

Got a delivery in the mail today, what could it be?

What that is is 2 8-1/2" x 11" flexible steel sheets and 200 20mm heavy duty magnetic bases. These are from Litko Game Accessories. (Long ago they were called Litko Aero Systems) You cut the steel sheet to fit your movement tray and put the magnets on the bottom of your minis. Voila! Helps keep them in place. So obviously this is for Warhammer Fantasy and any other miniature system that uses movement trays.

Now, despite the label "heavy duty" you aren't goign to put this on the bottom of a metal mini and be able to hold the movement tray upside down and have it hold. It provides just enough to keep the mini upright through all the movement in a game. Rare earth magnets these are not, but I like that there's less fiddling with them. Just peel and stick, and maybe a drop of super glue on the corners and they fit perfectly.

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