December 6, 2013

Loot Call! - Custom Dice

A second mail delivery of loot in a row! How awesome is that? Today, it's custom dice.

This custom dice order was organized by some of the fine folks over at The Under Empire forum. (link can be found in the right column) The order was made by Chessex using art made by a member. So what you see here is a whole mess of 16mm dice with the Horned Rat's symbol in place of the 6, an Artillery die (10 is showing) and a Scatter die (a hit is showing). Oddly enough, I rolled the Artillery/Scatter dice... that would be awesome for a Warp Lightning Cannon or a Poison Wind Mortar. Too bad I can't do that in a game!

I'm a bit worried though... I scooped up 10 dice and rolled them three times and on the rolls I got 6, 7, and 8 dice showing 3 or less. Maybe I'm just being paranoid?

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