November 14, 2013

The Thing About Terror...

is that it's good to know the rules about it!

So during my last game, a conversation about Terror came up, and I learned that you do not need to pass a Ld test to charge a Terror causing unit. If you had read my Battle report against Empire, my slaves didn't charge the Empire General's unit due to Terror. Turns out my opponent and I were both mixing editions.

I played a lot in 6th edition, and back then you had to make a Ld test to charge a unit that caused Terror. Or Fear too, if I remember correctly. No such thing in 8th edition Warhammer! So in other words... I very likely could have won that game had my Slaves gotten that back charge. I would have been up 6-1 in combat resolution to start! Even if I didn't kill anything, the Warrior Priest general couldn't make enough attacks to make that up, and it would be unlikely that his troops would have made that up either, and odds are I would get at least a couple kills with over 20 attacks coming at him.

So the PSA for today: Make sure you reference your rules early and often! Knowing is half the battle.

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