November 23, 2013

New GW Technical Paints

Well, they're not Technical paints like the originally named Technical paints were (which were limited to liquid green stuff, a gloss coat, a matte coat, and a primer). But they don't fit neatly into the other categories. So, by now you've probably heard about these, but just for the sake of completeness, I'll give a quick run down on them. I will also link to the very well done GW videos on YouTube that show how to use the new paints.

1. Agrellan Earth - A basing paint, like the Texture line of paints, but this one you paint on thick and it gives you a cracked, dried ground effect. Looks really nice. I plan on using this when I build my Minotaurs chapter Space Marine Force.

2. Blood for the Blood God - a blood effect paint. Seems to be somewhere between a glaze and a paint. I expect to use this on my Chariot of Blood.

3.Nihilakh Oxide - A shade-like product that provides a tarnished patina effect and, looking at the end product examples, it looks darn good to boot. I expect to utilize this a lot on my Skaven. As a matter of fact I'm in the process of painting up one of the old school Warp Lightnign Cannons and this will come in very handy for it.

4. Nurgle's Rot - Another finishing product along the lines of Blood for the Blood God. However, where BftBG is more opaque, this one is more transparent, allowing the base paint job to show through depending on how thick you apply it. Best used last to allow for it to give that wet look, so you'll want to use it after you matte spray the mini.

5. Ryza Rust - The only one not labeled a Technical paint. It is instead a Dry paint to give that perfect shade for a rust effect. Since it's in the Dry line, you use it for... wait for it... dry brushing. The results do look very good.

In the video it mentions that it was designed to work best over:

6. Typhus Corrosion - The last of the new paints. It's like a cross between a Shade and a Texture paint. Gives a nice grimy, oily finish. Finish being a good word. It will be one of the last things you apply, and again, if you're goign for the wet, oily appearance, you'll want to apply it after you matte coat the mini.

I haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but I did purchase all but the Agrellan Earth. When I do get to use them, you will see the results here. Also note: these can be used for more than just what they were designed for. A nice post over on Cadia's Creed used the new Agrellan Earth paint with some colors to make a very nice looking lava base.

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