November 7, 2013

FYI: Miniature Market

 Ok, it may seem odd that I'm essentially advertising a website, but I love this site. The site is called Miniature Market. It's a store down in St Louis, MO. Y9ou may be wondering why I love them so much: The Deal of the Day. Every day they offer something at a steep discount. Like today, I just ordered the Bioshock Infinite board game. Got it for $35 when it's normally $84.99. The trick is... you HAVE TO CHECK EVERY DAY! It never fails that when I don't check I miss something I really want. Like yesterday... they had Prime Axiom, the Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss colossal, on sale for $75. By the time I saw it mid afternoon it was sold out. I have previously gotten other great deals off the site. I picked up Dreadfleet for $35, normally over $100. And Battue: Storm of the Horselords and its expansion for $10, normally over $80 for the pair. They come highly recommended by me (if that means anything :P ). I had to deal with their customer service once when an order was missing something and they were very easy to deal with and corrected ASAP. Great guys to deal with.

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