October 6, 2013

Oh nice...

So I just noticed an email regarding my Dark Elves pre-order items in my email from Games Workshop. It was being sent via FedEx. I wasn't able to get there today on release day to get the stuff, so I pulled up the tracking info to bond with my stuff I would be pickign up tomorrow. Imagine my surprise to see the big red DELIVERY EXCEPTION warning! So apparently FedEx tried to deliver the stuff at 7:33 in the freaking morning! Of course the place wasn't open yet! And of course the stupid FedEx driver can't look at the sign with the hours of business and deliver it back when they fracking open? Of course not. Nice FedEx. Real nice.


  1. Goddamn FedEx.!! But why would they deliver it to G.W.?! Do FedEx. not deliver to your home?!

    1. I chose to have my pre-order delivered to the store (free shipping) as opposed to my house. Annoying, but better than paying the shipping rates I suppose.