October 3, 2013

Another unit... sort of done. And matte spray woes

So I got my Clanrat unit ready for an upcoming game this Friday. I got to league standard... which is 3 color. Sort of like the old tournament standard for "painted." Primed, armor color and then fur color. I'm going to have to be satisfied with that for now since I want to try to get the final giant rats (x4) and Stormvermin (x20) primed and 3 colored before tomorrow so I can get that extra point for a "painted" army. More pics forthcoming.

I had a few fully base coated and went out to matte spray them yesterday. I thought it wasn't that humid outside, but apparently the paint thought differently... it's got that lovely haze to it now. Fortunately it's not horrible. I've had them come out worse. It's still annoying...


  1. if you wait until it is less humid and put another layer of matte spray on it, sometimes it will unhaze

    1. Will have to try that. It's not so bad on the mortar team, but a couple others are pretty bad. However, a gloss coat gets rid of it too. Will have to experiment.