August 28, 2013

The Skaven Horde!!

Forgot this in my last post. It didn't take me long to build up my Skaven Horde. This was the last photo taken of the assembly build up. At last count I had about 3500 points of Skaven without any magic items. Although I could only field about 3000 or under since a good chunk of that is tied up in Heroes and Lords.

This isn't even all of it. It grew from this point having about 2 units each of slaves and clanrats. A unit of Plague Monks. More weapon teams and Engineers. Just ignore the Necron Sentry Pylon and the Cyriss Clockwork Angels. :)

Escalation League Update and First Painted Skaven

So we finally hashed out the details of the Escalation League. We're starting at 750 points for the late Sept./Oct start. Increases to 1250 in November, and finally 2000 in December. We have to play 3 games a month with one floating game for a total of 10 games. (I can just hear my wife complaining already) We get 3 points for a win, 1 point for playing. There will be painting point as well, but that hasn't been completely determined yet. Something akin to: you get the points for showing up with the army of the current value fully painted. It's a one time bonus point for the month. So you can get it again the next month when the points value increases. The league ended up with 25 people signed up. Only armies not represented (IIRC) are Dark Elves and Beastmen. There may have been one other.

I also got my first Skaven mini base coated. Mostly because when I bought it it was already assembled and primed. It's a Warpfire Thrower. It still needs to be Quick Shaded, but I may wait on that because I need to put some more liquid greenstuff in a seam to fill it in, otherwise the Quick Shade will settle there and that would look bad. Also because I have nothing else primed yet. Still trying to figure out where to spray. I'm thinking int he down stairs bathroom attached to the room I do my mini stuff in. I can utilize the exhaust fan. I bought a spray mask as well so spraying indoors won't be too big a deal. Also, these pics were a test of a new Macro lens I got for my phone's camera.

Front rat

Back rat. Tuskgor Fur isn't too far off from the Ratskin Flesh color. :/
Warpfire tinged smoke
I did the Warpstone/fire tinged smoke by painting it white, giving it a coating of Wayfarer Green glaze, then dry brushing Abaddon Black onto it in a downward direction.

Also, I finally have my Warplightning Cannon assembled. The old school one.
Can't wait to unleash this! I need to find another of these on Ebay or something. I don't like the look of the new one that's part of the multi-part kit that can be this or a Plague Claw catapult.