April 21, 2013

Handy App: Pallettes

So I found this nice little iPad app called Palettes. I'm always afraid of forgetting what colors I am using in a paint scheme for an army, so this lets me create color palettes to remember them. It has other handy features too like pulling all colors from a web address or importing a picture and choosing a color from a specific pixel. I input all the colors from the Citadel paint line into the app so i can then compare to find the closest color. I did this recently with a Tartan swatch (MacKenzie if you must know) since the Trollbloods wear Tartans. In a future post I will put down the hex codes for the Citadel colors.

The only thing the app is lacking is the ability to put a custom name to a color. The author of the app says that it's on his to do list for future updates, so I hope it comes soon.

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